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Phasing back to the classroom – a Danish case study

An article about Institut Sankt Joseph at Cambridge University Press

Phasing back to the classroom – a Danish case study

This is an inverview with teacher Camilla Leistiko by Catherine Rayson, Cambridge University Press.

Coronavirus has changed everything. We’ve been constantly adapting to changes in advice and guidelines, both at home and work. But what about when things start adjusting back to some sort of normal? This week it was announced that schools in the UK may start phasing back to the classroom from June. Other countries have already announced their own phasing back plans. So, what does this process look like from a teacher’s perspective?

We spoke to Camilla Leistiko, an English language and maths teacher from St. Joseph’s Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. St Joseph’s is a bilingual school, with both Danish and English pupils. After government guidelines changed around 4 weeks ago, St. Joseph’s opened its doors once again for students aged 6-10. Camilla explained to us how this process has worked, and what it’s been like for teachers.

“Going back to school has been really nice. It’s been great to have smaller groups of children as it changes the dynamic and the pace.”

Read the hole interview at Cambridge University Press