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5i had a very special guest

Sofie' from 5i's grandmother, was a small child during WW2

We had a great day 21/1 2021 in 5i. We have been reading a novel about the danish occupation during the second world war, and the actions of the danish resistance movement.

Sofie’ from 5i’s grandmother, was a small child during WW2, and her parents were very active in the resistance movement. She joined our class online as a very special guest, and told the class many fascinating stories about what it was like to love throught that time. The class were very curious, and they had many questions for her.

We heard about how Ida was lucky to be at home sick on the day her school (our sister school Institut Jeane d’ Arc) was bombed, and so she survived; how she had weapons hidden under her mattress to help the movement, and how her family saved many people by helping to get them to Sweden.

Institut Jeanne d’Arc 1945, The Institut Sankt Joseph archives