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Year 6 sing gospel for a week

A week full of song and music

“When we sing gospel and sing about “Him” it isn’t Winnie the Pooh or someone like that, no; we are singing about God,” says Kathrine to the audience in order to underscore the importance of this happy, swinging music. The audience is the entire middle section of the school. They have gathered to hear what the students in year 6 have learned during the week.

The students in year 6 have been singing gospel all week, and the regular classes were replaced by song and music. The choir are singing their hearts out and the joy is infectious. Kathrine has instructed and conducted them, and she says that the students’ singing this year is exceeding previous years. Runi is behind the piano. The students will now go on a tour with Kathrine and Runi. Thursday and Friday, they will perform at the schools Bordings Friskole, Sankt Annæ and Sankt Ansgar.

The pictures are from the concert on 20th May 2015 in the Theatre